Monday, January 30, 2012

White House Response - Keystone XL

Earlier this month, I dropped Obama a nice note concerning my thought on the Keystone XL project. You can read my letter here. I said I would post the White House’s response when I received it. I got it today.  Below is the email containing the response:

Since this message failed to address the matter substantively, I checked out the “recent statement” by Prez Obama.  It’s below:

What the White House fails to mention is that the State Department has been thoroughly vetting this project for 1,217 days and hasn’t yet found anything objectionable. The president’s response is filled with straw man arguments and half-truths. It’s simply unconscionable that our own government would stand in the way of creating thousands of jobs for unemployed Americans with ZERO taxpayer money involved.

Let’s be crystal clear here. Politicians will do whatever is necessary to ensure they are elected. If, on net, denying jobs to out-of-work American’s means a slightly better chance at a second term for Obama, then to hell with the unemployed. His denial of the project can have no other interpretation.

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