Monday, January 16, 2012

A Sobering Self Realization

America is home of the of the free....right?  Not so much.

Here's an article by the Washington Post about how America's liberty light is dimming, darkened by the vastly growing police and security state.

Heritage just published its annual freedom index.  America has to rank high on that list, right?  No.  We're not even in the top ten anymore.  What the hell is going on?

We are losing our freedoms and no one even notices or seems to care.  Each year like clockwork Congress enacts more laws and statutes, all aimed at protecting us, but at what cost?  Every aspect of our life is now under the watchful eye of big brother.  It's no wonder that 25% of the world's prisoners remain incarcerated in American prisons.


  1. I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said (I paraphrase) "those who sacrifice liberty for security are deserving of neither."

  2. Yes, and they get neither as well.