Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Protesting the State of the Union Address

Tonight, I will not be watching the State of the Union address.  This isn't my first night to pass on this night of grand political theater, nor will it be the last.

What I dislike most about this night, and there are many things to dislike, is that one man is granted a 90 minute monopoly on espousing his flavor of economic/political half-truths and out-right lies without challenge.  He can say literally anything, and it's taken as gospel.  He stands up in front of the whole world and promises the moon.  It's the most heinous spectacle of vote buying aired on television today. 

And it sickens me.

Tonight, I'll be watching Seinfeld re-runs.  I find Jerry and Kramer much more entertaining.


  1. I went with "Big Bang Theory." Apparently people think I have some similarities to those nerds.

  2. Never seen it. But I'm sure ANYTHING had to be better than state of the union.