Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Visit to the Doctor…and Nanny State

My wife recently dragged our kids to their annual well checkup.  It was their first doctor visit in a while, and our two yayhoos weren’t exactly looking forward to the shots, pricks, and other bodily tests rendered by the doctor’s staff.  As a bonus, this “well checkup” was absolutely free, thanks to Obamacare.  I’m told annual checkups do not cost a thing.  I guess the benevolent doctor donates her precious time, as well as her staff, to all appointments such as mine.  I was unaware that we could just legislate free medical care, but what do I know.

My wife tells me that the visit went generally well, except for the last part, when the doctor began to ask my girls seemingly irrelevant non-medical questions.  The first question posed by the doctor was ‘do you girls ride in a car seat’, and ‘do you ever ride in the front seat of the car.’  Fortunately for everyone, I wasn’t there to intervene – and ask the doctor a few questions of my own.  The doctor then asked ‘do you have a gun in your house’ and ‘what would you do if you were at a friend’s house and they had a gun?’  Really?!  (I would have answered the last question with ‘I’d go home and get my gun!’)

It seems our doctor visit turned into an interrogation.  What if the kid, any kid, gave the wrong answer – would the doctor then dial up child protective services only to have the child snatched up by the all-caring state?  Now, if the doctor suspects abuse, additional questioning can be justified.  But this sort of probing and fishing seems inappropriate and unwarranted.  My private physician has no business asking my children if I keep weapons in the home or if they ride in the front seat of the car.  Doctors should do what they do best: make us well when we are ill, and not inquire about car seats and guns.  Those kinds of questions only make me sick.


  1. Not having children, I wasn't aware of the increase in nanny-state interference by physicians. I wonder if this is legislated or if the doctor is a busy-body. Does the physician know your children are home-schooled?

  2. Yes, Amanda did inform the good Dr. that we homeschool. That's a good question - if this line of interrogation is mandated. I'll ask around.

    As a joke, next time I will "prepare" my girls for the questioning. I'll also have them bring in their Marlboro's as we ride up to the doctor's office on my motorcycle wearing no helmet. That should do the trick.