Sunday, June 26, 2011

Few words, Big Meaning

I spotted this bumper sticker on the way home from the pool today.  It was displayed on the back of a Land Rover and simply read: Government – Is Not Your Mommy.

I began to consider the meaning of those words and the implication.  I quietly shuttered at the thought.  I also wondered how other folks in America view our government today.  Do a majority of Americans hold this parental view of the state?  I surely hope not, for many reasons.

First, government is not properly equipped to be our mommy – a parent who makes it her business to fuss over every detail of our lives as we grow and mature into adults.  Mothers excel at ensuring our safety and well-being.  They nurture in ways fathers can’t, and make decisions on the fly that directly affect our liberty.  “No! You can’t have that ice cream” and  “No! You can’t stay up to midnight watching that movie.”  Mothers know intrinsically what’s best for us.  They are a cornucopia of love, kindness, and discipline.  Government? Not so much.

Additionally, good mothers know that one day their child will turn into a man or woman and begin a new life, separate from the mother.  The mother knows this and prepares the child for that day when he/she will become self-supportive and independent, relying on the training the mother has provided over the years.  Government knows only dependence.  Government (programs) is like a drug, and once an individual has tasted the forbidden fruit, a lifelong and destructive relationship has probably begun.  The addict knows that government will always be there and will never tell them no, even when “no” could save the addict’s life.  

Government ought not be our mother.  Let’s keep that special role in its proper place.

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