Thursday, September 5, 2013

Do we want more lawyers?

Obama recently suggested that law schools rearrange their academic construct from a three year course of study down to two.  Such a move would, presumably, lower the cost of attending law school.  In the short run, this would encourage more students to pursue a law degree, but would that be a good thing? 

It’s my contention that the world would be better off with fewer lawyers not more.


  1. Let's see... lots of students graduating from law school that aren't working as lawyers... law firms trimming their payrolls... yes, let's produce more lawyers for non-existent jobs! Or maybe he thinks more lobbyists are needed in the DC area.

  2. We definitely have a surplus of lawyers at the moment, so one must wonder what he's thinking, or IF he's thinking.

    How about this: stop encouraging students to attend law school by ending federally subsidized loans.

  3. Eep! Better not let any professors of law hear you saying that!