Saturday, September 21, 2013

Apple's Jobs

This purpose of this post is to illustrate the complete nonsense espoused by those who moan and complain that Apple provides needed job skills and life-sustaining compensation to some of the world’s poorest people.  Some folks want every facet of Apple’s supply chain to be staffed only by people who live below Canada and above Mexico.  Anything less means Steve Jobs is a terrorist scoundrel bastard.
Well, here are a few labor statistics to counter that argument, courteous of Apple, Inc.

  •          50,250 American Apple employees.
  •          26,000 U.S. retail employees, with 250 stores in 44 states. 
    •    4,000 retail employees in the Greater New York area alone!
  •          10,000 U.S. based AppleCare Advisors. 
    •    I don’t suppose having Americans answer the phone when you call Apple tech support counts for much.
  •          80,000 + worldwide Apple employees. 
    •    Well, maybe Apple is a jobs program after all.

In total, Apple estimates that it has created or supported over 598,000 jobs over the past several years (and at zero taxpayer expense).  Apple is a prolific innovator that has changed the world with its products.  Entire industries exist today (app economy) that did not exist ten years ago – all compliments of Steve Jobs and Apple employees.  To label Steve Jobs anything less than brilliant is mere foolish gibberish.


  1. Yes. Perhaps I should have used past tense.

    Unfortunately, I heard he was an atheist. I say "was" because he's a believer now.

    1. Right, I was just confused by the tense. And good point re:atheist!