Saturday, November 17, 2012

So You Want to Tax the Rich

Obama believes that his re-election grants him moral authority to raise taxes (rates).  After all, he ran on a platform of raising taxes (rates) on the rich, and the people sent him back to 1600 Pennsylvania.  Using the same logic then, the people also returned the GOP to the House and ergo they then must have a mandate to cut spending, no?

The clamor to raise taxes on the rich seems to grow louder every day.  And so I must ask – for what end? To improve the economy? To reduce the deficits?  Because it’s only fair?

Who among us ascribes to the philosophy that confiscating more income from the top X percent will improve overall economic conditions for the 1-X percent?  Or said another way,(the taxers believe that) removing money from an economy will allow economic indicators to rise.  If this theory holds true, let’s take all their income!  

Perhaps the majority of the cheerleaders for higher tax rates believe we should use the revenue to reduce the deficit.  Ah, seems like a worthy goal, but can it be done?  In other words, can the government confiscate enough income from the rich to meaningfully reduce the deficit?  I remain skeptical:

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