Sunday, November 11, 2012

North Korea

On Saturday, we visited Odu Mountain Unification Observatory near the North-South Korean border.  It's perched atop a mountain about 30 miles outside Seoul along the DMZ.  It's one of several places South Koreans can check on their northern neighbor.

To actually peer inside this hermit country was fascinating, even if it was from afar.  I have some cool photos posted on my other blog.

Click here to see them.


  1. Looks pretty crap-tacular over there. Not that that's surprising in the least.

  2. But it's a worker's paradise, you know like Cuba.

    Our next visit to the border will be to the Joint Security Area. Here, you can actually cross into North Korea - albeit inside a secure building. I also think you can explore some of the underground tunnels built by the North. Very cool stuff.

  3. That sounds like a neat adventure.