Thursday, November 24, 2011

What Should You Be Thankful For?

One Thanksgiving tradition my family has is to state what each person is thankful for before eating. This is done in place of grace (the prayer before eating). To my recollection, nobody has stated what we should truly be thankful for at our gatherings. It is this: freedom. If it weren't for freedom, most of us that currently live in North America would not exist. Many would have perished in those first harsh winters at the Plymouth colony.

But freedom did prevail, and the Plymouth colony, which had been previously organized in a communistic structure, was reorganized in a free market or capitalistic structure. Whereas upon arrival everyone worked common land and contributed to a common fund, after reorganization everyone worked their own land and contributed to their own well being. The effect? Harvest yields went up, way up. Theft and other commercial crime went way down. Given these two effects, I speculate that life in the colonies was much better under the free market than under the communism that prevailed beforehand.

So today, give thanks for freedom. And, by God, do everything you can to promote it.

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