Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nanny State set to Regulate Salt in Foods

As if our overbearing government hasn’t intruded enough into our lives lately, the FDA has (quietly) announced plans to regulate the amount of salt in our food.  The super smart and clairvoyant folks at the Food and Drug Administration have determined that Americans are eating too much salt, and they must take action.  Thank God we have our government looking out for our best interests.  How mankind survived before federal regulation is beyond explanation.

How the FDA will regulate this essential mineral, taste enhancer, and preservative is anyone’s guess.  Most likely, the FDA will issue pages of regulations dictating the maximum amount of salt in every single food item churned out by the food industry.  It matters not that I can grab my readily available salt shaker and add salt to my salt-deficient grocery store food.  No.  Other people have determined that I don’t need all that salt, and by God they are not going to let this travesty befall me and my fellow Americans.

I don’t care what reason the FDA trots out to justify this intrusion into my dinner table – it falls well beyond the scope of their responsibility.  My preference for choosing salty foods trumps any dreamed-up responsibility the government believes it has to protect my health.  Either I am free to express my preferences at the grocery store or we have entered a new paradigm where government is free to impose its preferences upon me in the name of: safety, health, ______, etc.  Hence, I am no longer free, but subject to the whims of a benevolent dictator.

If you should care to leave a comment for the FDA regarding this new idiotic proposal, you may do so here.

Now, please pass the salt.

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  1. This from the same people who block life-saving cancer drugs and other important therapies in the name of "protecting" us.

    Salt is absolutely essential, not just for flavor but because the human body needs salt to function.

    What needs to happen is less central direction, and more personal responsibility.