Thursday, February 14, 2013

Political Pornography

The annual February carnival in Washington D.C., known officially as the State of the Union Address, has slowly devolved into a sickening and unprincipled political orgy.  Apparently Justice Scalia feels much the same way.  He hasn’t attended one in 16 years.  The whole thing is pure political theatre.  Here’s how it unfolds:

The President, not unlike a pop star diva, arrives in the House Chamber and is swarmed by other politicians like a pack of hyenas.  Hands are shaken, backs are slapped and smiles exchanged as the demi-god makes his way to the pulpit. This act of worshipfulness to the current president serves only to embolden the statist mind.  Even a president with free-market inclinations can’t help but feel like an economic messiah prepared to deliver a panacea.

After the fans regain their composure and put away their pom poms, the propagandizing begins.  Facts are misconstrued, figures are distorted, and lies are told with a straight face.  Promises are doled out, fears are rolled away, and good times ahead are assured.  Then, cheers are given, standing ovations are observed, and an air of self-righteousness fills the arena.  What a scene to behold. 
That any halfwit takes any part of this contemptible act seriously is shameful and an insult to the citizenry. 

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  1. , and some federal employees deposit thier government checks and continue to complain.