Saturday, July 9, 2011

My favorite kind of recycling

Some may wrongly believe I’m against recycling, especially if you’ve read my last few posts on the matter.  However, this isn’t the case.  I’m very much for recycling, just not my garbage.

This week the City of San Antonio puts some of that tax money that I send them to use.  Monday begins “bulky-item” pick up.  This service includes such things as old washing machines, water heaters, worn-out couches, and pretty much anything except brush.  Not only does the City come by to pick up my “useless” items, so do scavengers.  

Yesterday, I placed out to be picked up an old metal filing cabinet and my front gutter (aka - leaf catcher).  I had to cut the gutter into sections with shears to make it somewhat easy to collect.  Today those items are gone!  Instead of sitting in some landfill, I have (proudly, mind you) recycled those items.

Transactions costs = zero!  Taxpayer money involved = zero!  Lesson in recycling = priceless!


  1. When I lived in Syracuse, we would put stuff out like old couches, desks, filing cabinets, etc. and in our neighborhood those things would be gone in a few hours. We would actually take bets on how long it take something to get picked up. That's my kind of recycling, alright.

  2. I set an un-working TV out at Syracuse, and it was gone within the hour.

    Don't know if you remember Jordan Inman (he claimed his professors taught Austrian economics at Wofford) He's in Hawaii but moving back to NY - West Point.

    Let's see: PCS Jordan to Syracuse; PCS him to Hawaii; PCS him back to New York. No wonder the defense budget is half a trillion $$!

  3. I do remember him because that stuck with me.

    What's PCS?

  4. PCS = permanent change of station or, in layman's terms, where the Army pays to relocate you and your family.

  5. Ceteris paribus, Hawaii is preferred to New York, I must think.