Saturday, July 30, 2011

Absolute Tyranny

Living in America in 2011, it’s hard to imagine what absolute tyranny entails.  We hear the term tossed around from time to time, but I suspect few of us really understand what absolute tyranny looks like.  Even the poorest of Americans enjoy a life a million times more abundant than those unfortunate souls in North Korea.

Life in North Korea is harsh, short, and repetitive.  Liberty does not exist, only complete commitment to the Dear Leader.  Consistent and daily propaganda, assisted by Confucianism, has reduced the population into automons, existing only to worship Kim II Sung, who died in 1994, and his murderous son, Kim Jong-il.    They are idolized as gods.  They are actually tyrants.

North Korea is the most reclusive nation on earth.  Outsiders, when allowed in, are under constant supervision by “guides”.   A drive around Pyongyang bears witness to oddly- empty streets and towering buildings with few occupants.  Famine is everywhere and electricity is almost nowhere.  Visitors are escorted to hand-selected venues where Korean school children perform dances and play music.  It’s all a façade.  The real Korea is off-limits to outsiders.  The real Korea is most likely filled with unspeakable horror, starvation, and death.

I asked myself why children continue to be born.  As a sane, rational human being, I would not want to subject my children to the tyranny of North Korea.  Perhaps, copulation is forced.  Freedom is nonexistent in this hermit country, but substituted with the grim reality of a difficult and short life.  An early death may actually be a blessing in North Korea. 
Here’s a video (about an hour in length) that will help you understand absolute tyranny.

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