Friday, December 14, 2012

Assembly Fetish?

Dear President Obama,

You’ve a particular fondness for unions.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with this affectionate relationship, I suppose.  After all, unions regularly fill your and other Democrat’s campaign coffers with millions.  Publicly showing them some love would only seem natural.  And since unions are tantamount with manufacturing, one could reasonably assume that your affection also extends to this rather small sector of the U.S. economy.  But why do you have this seemingly paradoxical love affair?

If I weren’t somewhat informed (and secretly knew that your ballyhooed love affair with unions and manufacturing begins and ends with campaign donations), I might get the impression, at least according to your rhetoric, that aspiring to be an assembly line worker is synonymous with reaching the American dream.  I can only assume, then, that you are eagerly pushing, with the same gusto as you portray publicly, your two children to join the union some day and find their rightful place on the assembly line, happily securing bumpers to the next generation Chevy Volt.

Do you really think Americans should go off to university, rack up thousands in government-administered student loans, and then spend the next 25 years putting parts together?  Is this your vision of our future?  Is this the path to prosperity for America?  You have publicly stated, on many occasion, that every American should go to college.  Yet, amassing a mini-mortgage for the right to assemble parts seems silly and completely unnecessary.  The opportunity costs would be extraordinary.

So, I must ask you this simple question:  is your fetish with assembling things just a sham to illicit donations from the UAW, or do you honestly believe that every assembly line worker in America should be college educated?

Merry Christmas.

Brad D.

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