Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Worthless TSA Security

I’ve traveled to eight states over the past two weeks, and I’ve done most of my traveling by airplane.  And, like most of the flying public, I loathe the TSA.  As if going through their molestation procedures at the checkpoint weren’t enough, they’ve dreamt up new “security” procedures, hassling already-screened-passengers just before boarding the plane.

The past two times I’ve flown (both on Southwest), TSA agents have shown up at the boarding gate, randomly selecting passengers for additional aggravation, er, I mean screening.  As my wife and I were about to enter the tunnel, TSA agents stopped us and asked to peek inside my wife’s purse – as I followed behind her with carry-on luggage.  Only divine intervention kept my mouth closed. 

These “new procedures” masquerading as additional security precautions are nothing more than meaningless tasks designed to provide even more employment opportunities for an agency known as Thousands Standing Around.  It’s time to return airline security to its rightful and inherently interested owner – the airlines themselves.

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  1. Good God. There's nothing after security except for overpriced restaurants and souvenir shops. What on earth could possibly have sneaked into your luggage? This is sheer numbskullery.