Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Links

Our one reader might be interested in the following:

Tom Woods and friends have launched the Liberty Classroom.

I can't tell if this is self-improvement or self-abuse.


  1. Just visited the Liberty Classroom....and I like it. It will become part of my regular reading.

    I have a new padawan to train. We started a new audit and have a new team member. He's 47 and retired military. We just got back from a week in northern VA, and I have much work to do. He's somewhat educated about economics, but I can tell he doesn't hold a libertarian worldview. We've spoken about many matters on the state and individual and he's open to (and even sympathetic) my point of view. That's encouraging.

    Hopefully, one more for our team!

    1. I think the moral argument for liberty has the most initial impact, then follow it up with all the positive consequences of freedom.