Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Supreme Court rules for Property Owners

Today, the Supreme Court ruled that property owners can take the EPA to court when hit with a compliance order.  In a 9-zip ruling, the Court said property owners don’t have to wait until an enforcement order is issued, but can have judicial review before the EPA begins legal action to enforce a compliance order.  The EPA routinely uses compliance orders and their massive fines (up to $37,500 per day) to bully property owners.  Just ask the Sackett family. 

You don’t have to fully understand all the details.  Just know that the Court recognized the EPA for what it truly is: a bully zealot.  And today’s ruling evens the scales just a little.  Hooray for property owners! 


  1. A top-shelf ruling indeed. Property rights are the basis of any free society. Moreover, without property, there is no economic development and people whither in a state of poverty.

    1. I could not agree more. Property rights are under continuous assault by the government, and any ruling that restrains unelected bureaucratic regulators is always welcome.

      It’s a crime what the EPA did to this family. Too bad the Supreme Court doesn’t sanction federal agencies, because if there were ever an out-of-control, power-drunk, rogue agency that deserved punishment, it’s the EPA.