Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FAA Rules Against Passengers

The FAA announced new rules today further limiting the hours pilots can work.  The FAA's move will cost airlines, and ultimately consumers, millions, and reduce choice, especially in small to medium sized airport.  However, contrary to the FAA's intentions, this move will do little to prevent fatigued pilots from flying.

The one thing the FAA cannot do is mandate rest for pilots.  Sure, they can force pilots out of the cockpit, but it cannot force them into naps or sleep, which is what's required to prevent fatigue.  Pilots, like nearly everyone else, can do whatever they please during their off hours.  Until the FAA passes new rules mandating bedtimes for pilots, the new rules will have little to no effect on pilot fatigue.  However, you can be sure that you'll pay more for that next flight.

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