Friday, September 16, 2011

Economic Theory Union Style

“The Postal Service should be urging Congress to address the cause of its problems – not slashing service and demolishing its network," union president Cliff Guffey said

This quote from Union chief Cliff Guffey was in response to the USPS plan to shutter several post offices and mail sorting facilities in the face of major budget shortfalls – shortfalls resulting from a huge decline in mail volume.

I would certainly like to know what this union boss suggests.  I suppose Congress could pass a law banning email, facsimiles, texting, and telephones, and then outlaw UPS and FedEx.  Outside of this, the USPS will eventually succumb to market bearing forces and the public will be made better off.


  1. He wouldn't suggest the only fix that is in the interest of consumers and taxpayers: removing the USPS monopoly on first class mail delivery.

  2. Given the current budget crisis, perhaps this will finally been seen as a viable alternative.

    If only the gubmint would have outfitted all postal facilities with solar panels made from Solyndra, this could have been avoided.