Thursday, April 7, 2011

Government shutdown – Who’s to blame?

Democrats are to blame.  We are halfway through the FY 2011 budget year and still have no annual appropriation.  The President has already submitted his FY 2012 budget, which Congress will soon begin debating.  Meanwhile, the government, in all its various forms, including the Defense Department, grapple with the prospect of a shutdown.  This entire fiasco resulted from the failure of last year’s Democratic controlled Congress to pass a single appropriation.

Each year, the Congress debates and eventually passes 12 annual appropriation bills.  Social Security and Medicare don’t require an annual appropriation – they run on auto pilot.  That’s another story.  In February 2010, President Obama submitted his budget for FY 2011 – the period 1-Oct through 31-Sept.  Congress chose to do everything else except pass his budget.  They even failed to pass a budget resolution – a blueprint for spending.  They failed to pass a budget despite controlling the White House, the United States Senate, and the United States House of Representatives.  The blame lay at their feet.  

The last Congress failed to do its most basic duty, and now many seek to affix blame to Speaker Boehner.  Think what you will of the Ohio Republican, but don’t blame him for any government shutdown.  He was in the minority when the Democratic majority chose to ignore their Constitutional duty, and instead meddle in our economy, pass cap-and-trade, ram Obamacare through, etc.  Therefore, I’m setting the record straight.  If fingers are to be pointed, point them at Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.  They’re the ones to blame.

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