Monday, February 21, 2011

Who are the Great Presidents?

A new ranking method, based on the principles of peace, prosperity, and liberty, ranks the presidents.

I always thought Coolidge was my main man.


  1. This is a tough one. I could certainly name some of the worst.

    A President, especially nowadays, encompasses more than just the White House. One item I consider important is the character of the judges and justices he placed on the court. I think the number of vetoes would also be a fine metric (the more, the better). And don't forget his cabinet. Did those officers seek to grow their fiefdom or advance the cause of liberty?

    What about Coolidge do you find admirable?

  2. I like Coolidge because he was a laissez-faire guy.

    You make some good points about a president. One can view the president as setting the tone of politics, much like the CEO sets the corporate culture for a firm.

  3. Not surprisingly, George Washington placed the most justices on the Supreme Court at 10. FDR put nine justices on the court – and I’m quite sure liberty suffered because of it. Both Andrew Jackson and William Taft scored six Supremes.

    Interestingly, the president with the most vetoes was FDR at 635. Second was Grover Cleveland with 414. The most overridden president (as a %) was Franklin Pierce at 56%.

    History lesson over.