Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Post of My Own, But I Agree with Mauzy

Mauzy on the Middle Class


  1. Imagine what this country would look like had all our egalitarian leaders abandoned their lofty policies and hidden agendas and let us live freely – allowing each man to choose the means to his own end, with the state's role relegated to enforcing contracts and property rights or less.
    The author is right, though, when we libertarians speak of limited or no government we are instantly labeled radical by statists. I’m sure the English nobility cast their lowly countrymen in the same light back when those seeking freedom fled England for the western world.
    So, we have been fooled, hood-winked into believing that a higher-order society cannot function without a sanctioned government. Why, we would spiral into unimaginable chaos were it not for the state. Government has saved us from ourselves and made our paths straight.
    “All governments begin in a state of benevolence only to finally end in a state of tyranny.” ~ Brad D.

  2. So, Jeff, what are your thoughts compulsory education.